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A Brief Reintroduction
Cervelo Team MTN Qhubeka S5
Black Sheep Cycling & The Pedla
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       Firstly it has been some time since we have sent out our newsletter and here is why; some of you may know already that Fusion Cycles has had a change of ownership and we have all been incredibly busy making exciting changes to the store's appearance, to our website and creating a positive long term plan to drive all of us passionately into the future.

        Fusion thoroughly appreciates the support of our community and look forward to seeing some familiar faces again over the coming weeks.  Our long term mechanic Poul Peterson is still very much a part of the store and we have also welcomed Craig Mackie back on board, as well as some friendly fresh faces fitting to Fusion's well renowned customer service.  Our store still remains open as we construct Fusion's fresh new appearance and we would love to hear your opinion and suggestions, both Craig and Poul are more than excited to explain everything we have in the pipeline.
        Our destination bicycles brands Cannondale and Cervelo remain with a strong presence in store and we are delighted to welcome Focus bicycles to our line up.  The Pedla clothing spans our new clothing racks alongside a fantastic collaboration with Black Sheep clothing, both brands exclusive to Brisbane.  Black Sheep clothing are currently assisting with a crisp new Fusion Cycles kit design that is planned to be divergent to tradition. 
        The outstanding workshop service you have come to expect remains strong with some streamlined restructuring to better suit the feedback we have received since our birth in 2008.  Poul has been managing the workshop for 6 of these years and has taken on-board your feedback to form a brand new service menu to better suit our clientèle's needs and of course wants.
        So if it's new bike time, time for a service or maybe blow off some cobwebs and resurrect a neglected friend. We would love to see you in store and spread our passion and experience for a genuine ongoing relationship with you and your bicycle.­  Let's put Fusion Cycles back on the map.

Bicycles change lives. And this one can help make history.

Team MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung chooses the Cervélo S5. To celebrate the team’s historic debut at the Tour de France, Cervelo have released the S5 Team MTN-Qhubeka in a limited global production run of 200 units, with only 20 in Australia and just 2 in Queensland exclusive to Fusion Cycles, offering you the chance to own the exact same bike.

This stunning new option will be introduced and raced at the 102nd edition of the Tour, and combines the best components from team partners ENVE, 3T, ROTOR and KMC with a Di2 group, including the new ROTOR 3D+ INpower crankset and Smart ENVE System 4.5 wheels. Through a radical new process normally reserved for F1 race cars, a special paint design is applied to our industry-leading S5 frame. This is an aero road bike that is so much more.

There’s also more to this very special S5 than Tour de France glory. For every MTN-Qhubeka S5 sold, Cervélo will donate a sturdy "Buffalo Bike" to the Qhubeka Foundation’s #BicyclesChangeLives campaign, which aims to deliver 5,000 of them to students in South Africa.

Photograph by Dylan Evans -


After careful consideration and planning Fusion Cycles has introduced two incredible clothing brands exclusively to Brisbane; Black Sheep Cycling and The Pedla.

With both brands being Australian owned and designed we couldn't resist the chance to support local businesses with Black Sheep from our very own Gold Coast and The Pedla residing in Melbourne.

The Pedla:
Pedla kit is made of impeccable quality Italian and Swiss fabrics with the latest European sublimation print technology and a CYTECH Italian crafted 3D chamois so it feels as good as it looks.  Designer Justin Abrahams has created a stunning limited release range which can be mixed and matched throughout the range to create style and individuality that is sought after by many cyclists.  Abrahams said, “It’s a funny thing this cycling. It’s the one space that men get to feel confident about owning fashion. We wouldn’t say ‘I’ve got to match my handbag with my shoes.’ But we love doing that with cycling. It’s fun and the industry is just beginning. The Pedla's new season stock will be in store soon with an exciting new women's range that is sure to impress. 

Black Sheep Cycling:

Black Sheep Cycling is a home grown success story. What started out as an idea over a post ride coffee (as all the best ideas do), has grown into a global brand that is now up to its fifth season being released in-store TODAY.  We are incredibly proud to be a part of the Black Sheep movement and have been working alongside designer John Polsen to create our new Fusion Cycles kit as one of the few Black Sheep collaborations. #blacksheepcycling

Both brands compliment each other with the clean styles of Black Sheep sold as a complete kit and The Pedla as a build-your-own style, we believe we have something to suit everyone.  The Quality of both these two brands is exquisite and Fusion Cycles look forward to what these new partners bring to our future.


Bronze Service - $99.00

Clean the bike
Tune gears and lubricate the cables to minimise lever wear
Tune brakes and lubricate cables for a smoother action resulting in more predictable braking
Tighten all bolts to the recommended torque ratings including cranks
Minor wheel truing as necessary and rotate tyres if required
Tidy up bar tape if required
Adjust headset and hub play
Tighten cassette and lubricate chain
A complete safety check for peace of mind
Recommended every 3 to 6 months

Silver service - $149

Everything that is included in out Bronze service +
A full degrease of the drive train and components
Wheels removed for a more thorough clean and comprehensive true
Frame protection added with our Wurth silicone polish
Chain lubricated with our Silca NFS lube
This will bring your bike back to life with a showroom quality finish
Recommended every 6 months

Gold Service - $199

Everything you would expect from our Silver Service +
Full strip, clean and re-grease of the headset and bearings checked for wear
Full strip, clean and re-grease of the bottom bracket and bearings checked for wear
Clean inside the frame from water and sweat 'pooling'
Frame protection added with our Wurth silicone polish

Chain lubricated with our Silca NFS lube
Recommended every 6 to 12 months

Platinum Service - $399 (Road) $459 (MTB)

A complete strip of the bicycle to a bare frame
Strip derailleur apart and clean/ re-lube pulley wheels
Strip hubs to clean and re-grease (sealed bearing seals removed and re-greased)
Headset and bottom bracket bearing seals removed and re-greased
Frame protection added with our Wurth silicone polish

MTB linkage stripped and bearings pressed out and re-greased as needed
Fork and rear shock service and seals charged separately
Chain lubricated with our Silca NFS lube
This is the most comprehensive service your bike could ever need
Recommended every 12-24 months with heavy use

Book a service with us today here

At Fusion Cycles we believe that the fit is the most important part of every cycling experience.  Improper fit can lead to long term physical problems which can become serious but ultimately affect the comfort of your ride which should otherwise be an absolute pleasure.  We have one of only 3 of these machines in the country so far and were one of the first giving us greater experience and confidence.

The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit is the world's most advanced fit bike providing an infinite range of motion and real-time adjustment to create the perfect ride for you.  GURU's revolutionary software powers the Fit System providing you with an interactive, personalized fit experience to create the perfect riding position.  The software captures individual riding positions during your fit session, allowing you to easily compare and contrast different positions to determine which is best for you.

With 15 years of bike fit experience you can be confident that Craig Mackie teamed with the GURU, your position will never have felt this good.  Book a GURU fit today here.


Some of our faithful customers may remember the commando loop from a couple of years ago and now it's back!  Departing the store at 5:15am every Wednesday morning we head toward what would be a standard river loop and veer of toward Mt Cootha and along the centenary bikeway, over the centenary bridge and underneath to head along the river through Jindalee.  This is where the bergs start.  From Mt Ommany the ride gets pretty lumpy, continuing through Oxley and the back streets of Corinda until we tack on to the back half of the river loop, down Annerly Road, along the Kangaroo Point cliffs and back to the store.
Average pace is 35 kph so it does get along and ability to ride in a tight bunch is preferred but not a must.  We can help to assist with bunch etiquette.
More shop are rides are being planned, join our
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